What You Say?! w/Wanda and Tobey

Tobey aka Trustory A little bit about me I’m a 18 year veteran of the military. I decided to follow a dream of mine of being in TV and on radio so I came to Illinois media school, were I'll be doing a show with Wanda B called what u say. So tune in for laughs and hot topics on weds 2-4 on evolutionpop.com.


Wanda B (Boelter) Media Personality, Actress & Dancer is a student at Illinois Media School. After many years at the Chicago Sun-Times, she used her talents and sales savvy to create WB Marketing Solutions which is happy to service exclusive clients. Wanda B is now pursuing her dreams in radio broadcasting. She has a weekly radio show 2pm Sundays on Intellectual Radio.com and is estatic to add What You Say Radio 2pm Wednesdays on EvolutionPop.com 

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