Monday Mashup w/ Annie and Ken

My name is Annie Dalbis I am currently a student at the Illinois Media School. I have a passion for film & tv & coming in to this school year I learned so much about radio like how to make demos, be on the air etc. that it has also become something that I enjoy very much. My goal after graduation is to get a job in the industry & move up from there. I want to entertain people & inspire others to do better & follow their dreams. The Monday Mashup with Annie & Ken is something I look forward to every week & I enjoy it very much. A year ago I never thought I would be a radio co-host but it’s funny how things work out in your favor. Each week I hope to get better & entertain our listeners to the fullest. 

My name is Ken Williams and I've always had a passion for radio. I'm a current student at Illinois Media School and can't wait to work in radio broadcasting for a living. My goal after graduation is to be an on air talent for a radio station, with eventually hosting a morning show. I have a passion for music as well as love entertaining people and making them laugh and feel good. Honestly if I can make you forget about your problems and make you laugh, then I have accomplished my goal. I have many inspirations and people I look up to in radio broadcasting such Eddie Volkman, Delilah, as well as Fred and Angie just to name a few. I look forward to providing quality entertainment and music to you every time I'm on the air. 

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