The Chicago Ghost Conference


900 Doors open. Vendors Open. 
9:15 Welcome from MC David Schrader! 
9:30 Scott Gruenwald: How Not to Die on a Paranormal Investigation 
10:30 Rev. Tim Shaw: What’s Really on the Other Side of the Door? 
11:30 WPI Hunts the Truth: Searching for Bigfoot in the Kettle Moraine 
Noon to 2pm: Svengoolie will be in the house! 
Stop by to meet Chicago’s Horror host extraordinaire! 
12:30 Chicago Ghost Con PANIC! laser show 
1:00 The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult Show and Tell 
2:00 Shadow Hunters: “The Gate” investigation screening 
2:15 Scott Rorek: We are All Psychic 
3:15 Brian Cano Paralosophy 
4:15 Tim Ellis and Brad Blair: Exploring the Paranormal 
5:15 Christopher Saint Booth & Rachel Marie Booth: 
​Ghost Orphans: Children of the Grave 
6:30 Day one ends. Join us for our costume bash tonight at 7:30! 

7:30pm to midnight: Costume Bash! 
(two blocks from conference hotel) 
​​Food for purchase, LIVE MUSIC FROM SUNSPOT, 
karaoke & cash bar with haunting drink specials! 
Costume themes: “True American Hauntings” & “Vampire Chic”– 
Come as Chloe, Lizzie Borden, H.H. Holmes, Ronnie deFeo, or any character from a 
true American ghost story OR . . . Come in vampire-inspired gear! 
(Entry included with 2-day pass; Entry & dinner ticket included with VIP pass) 
+++++ SUNDAY OCTOBER 8TH+++++​ 

9:30 Doors open. Vendors open. 
10:00 Tim Dennis: Conspiracy Theories 
11:00 Jeff Belanger: My Own Ghost Adventures 
12:00 James Annitto of Dominion Ministry: Demonology: Occurrences of the Beyond 
1:00 Jen Weigel Psychics, Healers and Mediums. 
A Journalist, A Road Trip and Voices from the Other Side. 
2:00 Ursula Bielski and Chris Halton: Haunted Bachelors Grove 
3:00 Interview with Bryan Dorn and Jack Brinatte: Unusual Ghost Hunters! 
3:30 Teri Rorek: The Purposes of Evil and Your Actions 
4:30 Sam Maranto: The Chicago “Mothman” Photograph 
and panel discussion with panelists 
Scott Markus, Jay Bachochin, Ursula Bielski and Nick Mulae 
​5:30 Conference day ends. Break to reset room for 
Darkness Falls Sunday night after show! 
DARKNESS FALLS! Sunday night show 

6:00 Jeff Mudgett: The Road to “American Ripper” 
7:00 Master Ron Fitzgerald’s illusion show! 


Look to for More Information. 

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