Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 5 recap “Eastwatch”

This episode starts off as we find out it was indeed Bronn who saved Jamie from Drogon to end the last episode “The Spoils of War.” As Bronn lifts Jamie out of the water they both make it to land safely to start the episode. Bronn says a line that may have some meaning behind it going forward “Till I get what I’m owed a dragon doesn’t get to kill you, you don’t get to kill you only I get to kill you.” Could this be foreshadowing that Bronn will kill Jamie in the distant future? Jamie then realizes that Daenerys only used one of her dragons that she has 2 more.  If she uses all 3 there no limit to the damage that she can cause. That he has to tell Cersei. Bronn tell him you might as well jump back in that river.  We then cut to Tyrion walking through the ashes of the battle field he see firsthand what kind of damage Drogon was able to do to the Lannister army. We then cut to the Dothraki rounding up the rest of the Lannister army that remains. Daenerys then tell the men she is not like Cersei that they will leave the world better then they found it. She then gives them a choice join her forces or die.  Most of the men don’t bend the knee right away. Then they hear Drogon roar and almost every person bends the knee. That is accept Randyll and Dickon Tarly. Daenerys tells Randyll to step forward. Tyrion tried to reason with Randyll and asks Daenerys to send him to the wall. Randyll says you cannot send me to the wall you are not my queen.  As the Dothraki take Randyll his son Dickon steps up and says you will have to take me to. Tyrion tells Dickon to bend the knee but he doesn’t. Tyrion tries to reason with Daenerys to keep him locked up in a cell instead of killing him. Daenerys however says she meant what she said.  The Dothraki take the Tarly over to Drogon. Daenerys the says this “ Lord Randyll Tarly, Dickon Tarly, I Daenerys of House Targaryen, First of my name, Breaker of chains and Mother of Dragons sentence you to die. Dracarys.” Drogon burned them alive to the point they were nothing but ashes. I thought that Death Valley was hot but that is nothing compared to Drogon fire. 


 We then cut to Jamie back in Kingslanding as he goes to see Cersei. Jamie basically tells Cersei that this is not a war they can win. Jamie then tells Cersei that Tyrion was innocent and that Ollena Tyrell was the one who poisoned Joffery. Cersei was very upset. We cut back to Dragonstone Jon Snow is standing on a cliff when we hear the roar of Drogon.  Jon looks at Drogon flying he seems just amazed. Drogon lands right in front of Jon. He runs right up to Jon roaring. We then get a close-up of Drogon fangs. Daenerys looks concerned for Jon Snow. He takes off his glove. Jon goes and starts to pet Drogon. Something to note here is we see Drogon’s eyes change almost like Drogon feels like he Jon is not a threat. Daenerys looks puzzled. She then jumps off Drogon. Then goes to talk with Jon Snow. Daenerys then tells Jon Snow no Matter how big the Dragons get they are not beast to her they’re her children. Daenerys and Jon talks about how they can help people and their enemy’s. Daenerys then asks Jon about something from when the first two meet. How Davos said how Jon toke a knife in the heart for his people. Then right as Daenerys is about to question him more Jorah Mormont shows up and reunites with Daenerys. She then introduces Jon to Jorah. Jon says he knew Jorah’s father he was a great man. Jorah tells Daenerys he found a cure and would like to return to serve the queen if she will have him. Then they hug. Jorah seems threatened by Jon Snow a bit. 


We then cut to ravens. A pack of Ravens then are flying north beyond the wall. We then see the White Walkers. Then the Night king sees the ravens and Bran wargs out of the ravens then Bran tells Maester Wolkan to send ravens.  We then cut to Oldtown and the Maester talking about the scroll they just received from Winterfell. Sam interrupts them and yells Brandon Stark.  Sam explains how he knows Brandon Stark and they should believe him.  The Maesters don’t believe Sam and think is a ploy from the Dragon Queen to get Southern army’s to leave the cities they are protecting. Archmaester Ebrose says he will send a raven back and get to the bottom of this.  As soon as Sam leave one of the Maesters ask if Sam is the one who’s brother and father were burned alive. Ebrose says yes I haven’t had the heart to hell him yet. He’s a good lad. We then cut back to Dragonstone with Tryion and Varys talking about Daenerys decision to burn the Tarlys. Tyrion starts with she gave Tarly a choice. I am her hand not her head. I can’t make decisions for her.  Varys tell Tyrion he use to tell himself the same think about the Mad King.  Varys tell Tyrion you need to make her listen. Varys tell Tyrion about the scroll they received from Winterfell and how it is for Jon Snow. We cut to Jon Snow reading the scroll. He find out Arya and Bran are both still alive. Also that the white walkers are on the move toward Eastwatch. Jon says that he needs to go home.  Jon doesn’t have enough men but that he will fight with the men he’s got.  Daenerys says she can’t help Jon because the moment she marches out Cersei marches in.  Tyrion explains to Jon that he needs to capture one solider from the army of the dead just one and use it to prove that the threat is real. Varys tells them if we bring proof to Kingslandng how do we know Cersei wont kills us the moment we step inside Kingslanding? Tyrion tells them Cersei listens to Jamie and Jamie will listen to me. Daenerys then asks how will you get into Kingslanding and everyone stares at Davos and he says he can smuggle you in. Daenerys make a point unless they have a dead solider it won’t matter Jorah volunteers and says he will travel north and get a solider as proof. Jon says the wildlings will help them and that Jon will lead the expedition to capture a White Walker. Daenerys then tell Jon I have not given you permission to leave. Jon he says with all due respect your grace I don’t need your permission I am a King. He says he came here knowing he could die and that he put his trust in a stranger and that she should put her trust in Jon Snow that he will return. 

We cut to the Northern lords upset Jon has not returned yet and that Sansa should be the one ruling the north. Arya clearly seems upset by this.  Remember she was closet with Jon as they grew up so she is not too happy with these Northern lords’ complaints. Sansa explains how she has to listen to their complaints and that they have to work together. Arya suggest to cut off their heads but Sansa advises against it.  Arya says but f Jon doesn’t come back you need their support to get what you really want. Could that be the Iron Throne? Arya then leaves. We cut to Davos and Tyrion arriving on Kingslanding. Davos tells Tyrion to hurry as if the gold coats spot him he’s not much of a fighter.  Tyrions asks you’re not staying with the ship Davos says not he has some business in Flea bottom. We cut to Jamie and Bronn. Bronn tells Jamie he wants them to train down here. Jamie jokes today may be the day I kill you by accident. Bronns say you won’t be swinging that at me. Tyrions enters the room Bronns say he will leave you too alone. Tyrion tells Jamie about how Jamie has been 3 steps ahead of him Jamie asks Tyrion what do you want. Tyrion tells him Daenerys will win this war. He tells Jamie Daenerys is even willing to suspend the hostilities if Cersei agrees to certain terms. Jamie looks surprised and says if you want Cersei to bend the knee you can ask her yourself. He says Daenerys doesn’t want to right now she has a more important request. We then cut to Davos in the streets of flea bottom. We cut to a steel smith using a hammer to make a sword. Davos says I wasn’t sure I’d find you. He turns around its Gendry. They talks back and forth for a bit. Davos tells Gendry bad things are coming and Gendry says lets go im ready pretty much. He says I don’t know how to use a sword but I can swing a hammer pretty good. Also to notice his hammer has the Baratheon sigil on it. Davos and Gendry run into some Gold coats right as Davos send them off Tyrion returns they recognize Tyrion and before anything happens Gendry smashes both their heads with his hammer like I said he can use a hammer. 


We cut to Jamie walking in as Qyburn is meeting Cersei. Jamie tells Cersei he meet with Tyrion. Jamie tells Cersei Daenerys want to meet to discuss joining forces.  Jamie tells Cersei about the army of the dead Cersei doesn’t seem to believe its crazy right. I mean Dragons are one thing but an army of the dead that is just too crazy right. Jamie says Tyrion will have proof. Cerise ask Jamie if he is going to punish Broon. Cersei knew about the meeting between Tyrion and Jamie. Cersei says they need a truce with Daenerys that she has the numbers if they want to beat her they have to be clever.  Cersei then revels that she is pregnant.  Jamie asks who the father is cerise tells him he is. Cersei then hugs Jamie and says never betray me again. Can this be the start of the divide between Jamie and Cersei? We cut to Dragonstone Davos and Gendry arrive back at Dragonstone. Davos warns Gendry not to tell Jon who he truly is. Davos introduces Jon and Gentry tells him exactly who he is. Jon and Gendry get along right away they talk about their fathers. They almost quote a line Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon had in season one. “You’re a lot leaner. And you’re a lot shorter.” Gendry tells Jon he is coming with him. He then asks if he can use a sword Gendry says no that he prefers a hammer. Love the interaction between those two. We then cut to Tyrion and Jorah as Jorah is getting ready to leave for Winterfell. It was really cool to see these two interact again always love there interactions.  Daenerys then goes up to Jorah and says we should be better at saying goodbye by now. They hold hands. Jon Snow tells Daenerys if I fail at least you won’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore she tells him but I have grown us to him. Then they leave for Eastwatch. We then cut to oldtown for information wise the biggest scene yet to date on this show. Gilly start stating random fact from a book about High Septon Maynard how he recorded everything. Gilly ask what does annulment mean Sam explain what it is to her. Maynard issued an annulment to Prince Raggar(rhaegar) and remarried him to someone else in a secret ceremony in Dorne. This is huge we assume that mean Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark were married which mean Jon Snow is one not a bastard and two has the biggest claim to the iron throne.  Sam then freaks out he didn’t even listen to what Gilly just read  he takes some books and scrolls and he decided to take little Sam Gilly and himself and leave the citadel. 


We then cut to Winterfell as Arya spy’s on Littlefinger. Arya catches Littlefinger getting a scroll for Master Wolkan. She then sneaks into his room and reads the scroll. Its ahrd to tell but it looks as if it is the message Sasna wrote in season 1 while she was under Cersei control and it said for Rob to bend the knee. Arya find this and is clearly upset. We then see littlefinger in the background as if he wanted Arya to find the scroll.  We then cut to Jon and company arriving at Eastwatch. We cut to everyone at a table talking Tormund start by ask Davos isn’t it your job to talk Jon out of stupid ideas like this. Tormund says which queen do we need to convince the one with the dragons or the one who is sleeping with her brother Jon relays with both. Tormund also ask about the big women aka Brienne. Tormund takes them as they have capture the hound and the brotherhood. They also want to travel beyond the wall. Beric explains how they are all on the same side. Jon agrees releases them as they all head out into the winter and head straight for the white walkers. The episode ends there. 

Enjoyed the episode very much the Sam and Gilly scene stuck out that was huge news. The Drogon and Jon scene was also good. Thought still wonder how Jamie and Bronn swam almost a mile or so away from where Jamie feel in the water bit of a plot hole there. Arya and Sasan stuff was okay they are trying to show us how they still don’t get along. Is littlefinger playing Arya or is it the other way around. The end was good they look like the suicide squad for real. 


Prediction for next episode 

-          Thoros and Beric will die 

-          Drogon will save the day 

-          They will capture a white walker 

-          Sam will return to Winterfell 

-          Aray will kill littlefinger 

As always until next week is it Sunday yet?


By Joe Zalewski

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