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Pressure? Everybody says they want it, but as soon as it comes nobody wants it. See, "Pressure" is one of those things we all feel, and it can be the defining moment of your life. It can make or break you. Make or break it stays with you for the rest of your life. On the other hand, some of you never felt pressure when you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth with everything  given to you, and your only moment you can relive of pressure is whether or not, LeBron James can combe back from a 3-1 deficit…

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The Sesh Went Live & Took On the Sensitive Topic Of "Tipping" - Did You Catch It? 

Anthony has worked as as a server for many years, yesterday he gave us a breakdown on what "tipping" is all about including dining and tipping etiquette. 

Should you leave a tip if you're picking up your food?

Is your tip being given to the busboy or shared with the chef? 

Should you be deducting from the tip for every error the server makes?

Ilia talked about a video she recently saw on FaceBook mocking the "type" of eat in Diner that they are and what category they fall under:

The Substituter


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Today on Common Grounds - "Pregnancy Brain," "Raw Water" & "Dead Guests." 

On today's edition of "Common Grounds" with Jinx & John, Jinx will be talking about pregnancy brain, how far would you go to get a good deal at Ikea, & hotels hosting events where dead bodies are the special guests! Also, would you try raw water??  

If you have a good "pregnancy brain" story or want to give your thoughts on the raw water trend, Jinx wants to hear it! Comment on here or call us live from 3-5pm today, at 630-230-1744. 

Medusa’s Darkwave: The Holiday Masquerade with Scary Sarah 

Post Apocalypitic Productions Presents: 

Medusa’s Darkwave Night ~ The Holiday Masquerade 

Join us Friday,  December 1st — on the top floor of Medusa’s Nightclub for the final Medusa’s Darkwave of 2017!! 

Be Sure to come dressed to impress for our winter masquerade as DJs Scary Lady Sarah, Daki (Wasikowski), Instant Cash, & Alpha Omega join forces to bring the best in ground breaking beats! 

Artwork will be featured by Roz Anomaly!!! 

Special visual aesthetic guest BrentBlaze will be partying with us…

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Morrissey in Concert Nov 25th @ 7pm 

Riviera Theatre 

4746 North Racine Avenue 

Chicago, IL 

Jam & 93XRT Presents: 


Saturday Nov 25, 2017 

Doors: 7:00 PM 
Show: 8:30 PM 

All Ages 


Get your tickets at 

Morrissey is widely credited as a seminal figure in the emergence of indie rock and Britpop, and his music acts as a rite of passage for all who discover alternative music. His lyrics, at times blunt…

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